A story of where my upbringing, self-expression and healing intersect.

When I was younger, my mother used to give me silent treatment whenever I disappointed her or made her angry with me.

And because she never told me what I did wrong, I was forced to figure it out on my own.

In the silence, I would handwrite apology letters to my mother to tell her how much I loved and appreciated her for all she did for me. In these letters, I would also vow to be a better daughter and never to do whatever I did to hurt her again.

By the time I was sixteen, I had…

No highlights—just real talk.

Artwork by me, inspired by One Punch Man

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this year.

2020 was a blur.

Where I live, we weren’t officially quarantined until late-March but I was already working from home before then. At the time, I was extremely excited to commute to the office anymore but that feeling was short-lived. The hardest part of this year for me was consistency, accountability and balancing relationships.

I am someone that needs some kind of structure to be productive—but not have to do the exact same thing without fail. In other words, I had non-negotiables. So, when I found out that gyms were…

It’s the “permanence” for me

Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Last year, I wrote a chapter in a book called ‘Women Let’s Rise”.

While I was writing it, I kept getting lost. I knew I wanted to share my experiences and the journey that has made me better but I didn’t know where to start. I must have re-wrote my chapter countless times before the one that’s on the shelves today.

But for a while, deep down, I felt like it wasn’t good enough.

Thus, the spiral began.

The next morning, I woke up feeling a slight pressure filling my chest.

I immediately recognized it. Hello, anxiety — my old…

CHIKA didn’t come to play—her pockets’ already getting bigger.

Meet CHIKA—a game-changer from Alabama.

If you haven’t heard of her, it doesn’t matter—you’re finding out now.

Only 23 years-young, CHIKA is relevant as hell in the fight for equal rights as a woman, as a member of the LGBTQ+ and as a part of the BIPOC community. Since before her virality with her “open letter” to Kanye West, she has always been authentic in her outspoken demeanour and speaks up for those who do not have a platform as she does.

And her video that went viral? It has over 6 million views on Twitter now. …

Thoughts on lifting limitations to live our best lives with clarity and conviction.

Photo by Stefan Bookblock on Unsplash

I’m a night owl but this morning, I woke up early.

It’s not my conscious mind that keeps me up. No. At night, it’s my subconscious that’s lighting up the darkness. Over the years, I noticed that I’m privy to some interesting dreams. And last night, there was a plethora of them — often strangely looped together. So, if you’re still following: my string of dreams is like “smaller picture” things in a “larger picture”.

Ergo, I couldn’t sleep.

The feeling of imbalance and misalignment hit me the minute I woke up. So whack. I decided to get out of…

He’s “Giveon” us all the vibes on his debut EP.

For the last three months, 2020 seems to be playing us.

And with every bit of chaos happening in the world, we need each other more than ever. And Giveon has dropped his debut EP, “TAKE TIME” at the moment we needed it the most.

Giveon is a singer-songwriter from Long Beach, California.

With only three tracks when I discovered his music on Spotify, I was hooked.

I saw Giveon live in Toronto alongside opener Baby Rose and headliner, Snoh Aalegra at the Danforth Music Hall last Fall. After listening to “Fields”, I knew I had to catch a…

Find your groove with our new normal and make the most of it.

Photo by Ella Jardim

COVID-19 has indefinitely changed the world as we know.

Many companies have implemented work-from-home as a temporary new normal to help flatten the curve and prevent the spread of COVID-19. I’m part of such normal. As enticing as working from home sounds in theory, I’ve never practiced it for more than a day every week.

It’s been challenging because it takes a lot more discipline to stay productive and on-task with all the distractions that come with being at home. There’s no one to keep you accountable but yourself.

For those of us that are working from home, I feel…

Singer-songwriter Lennon Stella is carving her name on the charts.

2020 is about finding multi-talented Canadian gems like Lennon Stella.

She started out as an actor on TV—but since I’m more of a movie fanatic, I didn’t know that part about her. My first experience with Lennon Stella was through her singer-songwriting journey. You may have heard her on a track with Jonas Blue and Liam Payne called, “Polaroid”.

Lennon Stella has worked hard to secure her spot in the pop music landscape over the past two years—collaborating with The Chainsmokers and Illenium. She’s ready to fill her breakthrough solo artist shoes.

The Overview

With her debut album, “Three. Two. One.”…

We are social beings but we can learn to thrive on our own by practicing a greater degree of self-care.

Scene from “Dear Ex

I apologize for the delay between the last article and now.

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least. Not only have I worked non-stop but the COVID-19 is shutting down a lot of things for containment and safety reasons. I’ll be missing the gym the most because it was a space I went to feel better and sweat.

The kid from Ajax who’s changing the game one beat at a time.

Meet GOVI.

He’s about to light your speakers the f*ck up. There’s a lot of interesting sounds on his debut EP, Blue Hour. It didn’t take much for me to take notice—he’s also Canadian.

Originally from Ajax, Ontario, GOVI is a DJ/producer now residing in Toronto. Not only has he made a name for himself but GOVI is also a digital ghost. There’s little to no information about him online anywhere—I dug. It’s a little unsettling but doesn’t negate the fact that he’s on the rise.

GOVI is an artist to watch.

The Overview

GOVI made a lot of appearances and…

Annie Ngu

Eye of a Designer. Writer. Co-founder of Women United Project. Check out my debut co-authored book, #WomenLetsRise

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