A story of where my upbringing, self-expression and healing intersect.

A story of returning to oneself and reclaiming space.

Photo by Cherry Laithang

No highlights—just real talk.

Artwork by me, inspired by One Punch Man

2020 was a blur.

It’s the “permanence” for me

Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

CHIKA didn’t come to play—her pockets’ already getting bigger.

Meet CHIKA—a game-changer from Alabama.

Thoughts on lifting limitations to live our best lives with clarity and conviction.

Photo by Stefan Bookblock on Unsplash

He’s “Giveon” us all the vibes on his debut EP.

Giveon is a singer-songwriter…

Find your groove with our new normal and make the most of it.

Photo by Ella Jardim

COVID-19 has indefinitely changed the world as we know.

Singer-songwriter Lennon Stella is carving her name on the charts.

2020 is about finding multi-talented Canadian gems like Lennon Stella.

Annie Ngu

Eye of a Designer. Writer. Co-founder of Women United Project. Check out my debut co-authored book, #WomenLetsRise

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