A story of returning to oneself and reclaiming space.

Photo by Cherry Laithang

No highlights—just real talk.

Artwork by me, inspired by One Punch Man

2020 was a blur.

Where I live, we weren’t officially quarantined until late-March but I was already working from home before then. At the time, I was extremely excited to commute to the office anymore but that feeling was short-lived…

Singer-songwriter Lennon Stella is carving her name on the charts.

2020 is about finding multi-talented Canadian gems like Lennon Stella.

She started out as an actor on TV—but since I’m more of a movie fanatic, I didn’t know that part about her. My first experience with Lennon Stella was through her singer-songwriting journey. …

Annie Ngu

Eye of a Designer. Writer. Co-founder of Women United Project. Check out my debut co-authored book, #WomenLetsRise

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