Pt. I — Marina Stojkovic and the Art of Connection

The truths of being an artist in a big city, living in a home away from home, and empowering people to live fearlessly

I want to see collaborations within many realms of art where people remove their ego and work together to create a beautiful narrative of human existence.

Borrowed some photos from Marina’s Facebook

You must be consistent with your process and find what makes you comfortable to a point where you can visually describe your experience in a way where your audience can also feel that.

Getting to know Marina

Fashion/style is something you just get. Who’s your fashion icon?

If [Marina] were to choose an actual person, [her] dream lady has always been Patti Smith because of her fearless androgynous style.

How did you to get into painting and drawing?

From left to right: “she’s still full of willing and able” (oil on canvas); “we are all angels with headphones” (pen on paper); and “peace offering” (mixed media)

Talking shop

Do you have a preferred medium to work on?

The beauty of the studios is that they become your safe space to do whatever you want with your ideas.

What is your favourite thing about your workspace/ studio?

Many artists create their best work while feeling down-in-the-dumps. Does that work for you and how did you feel after?

From it, came this ultimate realization of how similar our works were, and it made me a stronger storyteller.

Why did you choose Belgrade, other than it being home, to complete your MFA?

How did you get into sound and installation work?

How to Hold a Song (B&W, Colour)

I think I would help people to be fearless about who they love. To be fearless about the bodies they live in. To be fearless about how they move and engage in the world. To be fearless of the skin-to-skin embraces.

Digging for Gold

Where do you think Toronto’s art industry is headed and what would you like to see come from it?

As an artist seeing many others being ripped off another, how do you handle this in your experience?

The beautiful thing about being an artist is that you will always have new ideas and create new work.

If you could single-handedly influence the world, what would you make that movement about?


If you were a chess piece, which would you be and why?

Can you describe, as poetic as possible, what that first inhale of cigarette feels like?

Describe the colour brown to somebody who is visually impaired.

Some more borrowed photos

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